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Bosque Farms Police Chief Paul Linson stands proudly with the Bosque Farm Police Department’s 2019 Officer of the Year Ricky Dominguez, Lt. Patrick Ficke, and retired Albuquerque Police Department commander, officer Rob DeBuck, who was the guest speaker for the officer of the year event Saturday.

BOSQUE FARMS — This year’s Bosque Farms Police Department’s Officer of the Year displays all the department values of integrity, pride and responsibility, according to his lieutenant.

“He puts the department first, is always willing to fill a shift,” said BFPD Lt. Patrick Ficke Saturday afternoon. “He leads by example, and the community and team love him.”

He then introduced Officer Ricky Dominguez as the department’s Officer of the Year to the crowd gathered in the park behind the village hall.

“This decision was not easy. Ultimately, the chief and I wanted all of the officers,” Ficke said. “We’re a small department and a tight community and team.”

Dominguez has been in law enforcement for 12 years, with the BFPD for a little more than two years, and is a drug recognition expert and firearms instructor for BFPD.

In the last month, the officer has made eight DWI arrests, written more than 150 citations and made numerous other arrests, Ficke said.

During the ceremony honoring Dominguez, Police Chief Paul Linson and Ficke recognized all the officers in the department.

Officer Andrew Owen is the department’s most senior officer with 14 years, plus a decade as a military police officer.

Detective Tim Leyva has been with BFPD for four years, and spent several years as a narcotics investigator.

Officer Alberto Davalos has 23 years in law enforcement and been with the department a year. He is SWAT certified.

Officer Jeramie Nevarez has four years with the department and shows complete dedication and motivation for the job, Linson said.

Officer Brad Killough is the department’s K9 officer, working with canine Dukan, for the last two years.

Officer Bobby Dilley recently came to Bosque Farms from Isleta and has more than 33 years in law enforcement.

Officer Marilyn Rodriguez spent six years with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office before transferring to BFPD four months ago. Rodriguez is an EMT instructor as well as HP93 certified, to assist community members with mental illnesses.

Officer Kevin Hall joined the department from Carlsbad a few months ago.

Officer Joe Harris is also new to the department, and is in the process of completing his on-the-job training before going out in the field. Harris has worked for the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police and Cuba Police Department.

Chief Linson said the department wouldn’t be where it is without the work of the two sergeants and Lt. Ficke.

Sgt. Brion Berrios spent 13 years with the Albuquerque Police Department before coming to Bosque Farms.

Sgt. Charles Baca has 12 years in law enforcement and has been with Bosque Farms for seven months.

Lt. Ficke is the department’s second in command and has been with BFPD about six months.

“These are really the guys doing the work, leading and teaching,” Linson said. “They are powerful leaders.”

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