LOS LUNAS—The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts recently held its seventh annual Student Juried Art Show. The opening of the student art show was held Saturday, Feb. 1, with more than 100 visitors.

Next year, the Student Art show will be held in the spring. The theme for next year’s show will be “New Mexico Celebrations.” Any student living in Valencia County under the age of 18 may enter.

High school winners

BOS high school 2 COL.jpg

Salma Cruz-Ramirez, of Los Lunas High School, won Best of Show for “Never Gone” in the high school division.

Best of Show: Salma Cruz-Ramirez, “Never Gone,” Los Lunas High School; 1. Isabel Otero, “Prey” Los Lunas High School; 2. Mya Avila, “The Coyote,” School of Dreams Academy; 3. Enrique Hernandez, “City Scape,” Los Lunas High School

Middle school winners

BOS middle school 3 COL.jpg

Marianna Luna, of Canon Christian Academy, won Best of Show in the middle school category for her painting, “Balloons Over Sandias,” pictured at right. 

Best of Show: Marianna Luna, “Balloons Over Sandias,” Canon Christian Academy; 1. Lillian Ferdinand, “Snowy Deer,” SODA; 2. Ismael Ottley, “Worn Out,” Home-schooled; 3. Adrianna Vallejos, “Reflecting On Nature,” Valencia Middle School

Elementary school winners

BOS elementary 3 COL.jpg

Tomas Peseke, of Collett Park Elementary, won Best of Show in the elementary school category for “Error Sans,” pictured below. 

Best of Show: Tomas Peseke, “Error Sans,” Collett Park Elementary; 1. Jade Chavez, “Doozer The Buffalo,” Gil Sanchez Elementary; 2. Tristan Saiz, “Visions of Wind,” Rio Grande Elementary; 3. (Tie) Danni Moya, “New Mexico Aspen Country,” Valencia Art Academy, and Daniel Kiehne, “Balloons Over the Rio Grande,” Valencia Art Academy

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