The city of Rio Communities has announced new homes will soon be built in the city by Pecos Homes.

Rio Communities City Manager Leisa Haynes said only one home had been built since 2017 in the city and before that one in 2010.

“This fits within the city’s comprehensive plan to build homes for every income level,” Haynes wrote in a press release. “Right now, we’ll start infilling the empty lots within the city and many have a view of the golf course. If you own land within the city of Rio Communities, they can build on your land, too.”

Pecos Homes is allowing the buyer to choose the floor plan that best fits their family, along with the colors and finishes — making this a custom home at what ever price you can afford.

The homes will have central heat and air conditioning, a two-car garage, metal roofs, pitched ceiling and the frontyard will be landscaped. Pecos representatives say from the time everything is chosen and financing is ready, they can have your home built in 60-75 days.

Haynes said if you have a household income of less than $52,000, you may qualify for a USDA loan for nothing down at 3.5 percent making a $130,000 home payment around $750.

During August, a USDA loan officer will be at the city of Rio Communities building, 360 Rio Communities Blvd., to meet with anyone interested. Loans are available for those making more than $52,000 also.

Call the city of Rio Communities at 681-6803 for the date of this meeting.


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