If you missed last week’s Community Legal Resource Fair hosted by Belen Magistrate Court, I have good news — those resources are still available to you today. Read more

There’s been a recent increase in Facebook pages dedicated to the arts in Belen — Through the Flower, Arte de Belen and the Belen Arts District, to name a few. Read more

For the past six years, the Valencia County Magistrate Courts in Belen and Los Lunas have welcomed the public to a special community event each May. Read more

Question: What are these pea-sized globs of white foam all over the stems of my rosemary plant? Should I be concerned? — Leslie H., Belen, NM Read more

When I was growing up, my parents fostered several children, including two babies, a brother and sister, a young, ill boy, and a troubled adolescent. Read more

Remember the days of summer in our youth, full of outdoor adventures and discovery — running through fields and climbing hills, riding bikes, catching a pick-up game of ball or playing tag in the park, then returning home exhausted, hungry and full of stories about the day. Read more

May 19-25, 2019, is Emergency Medical Services week. This was originally authorized in November 1974 by President Gerald Ford. Read more

There’s the saying that art imitates life based on the observation that a creative work was inspired by true events. However, I want to put out the idea that the very act of creating art reflects good practices for everyday living. Here are a few things I’ve learned from painting that also c… Read more

On May 21, 2017, Uniondale, N.Y., witnessed the last performance of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus. During the last of it’s 146 year history, “The Greatest Show on Earth” suffered from shrinking attendance, growing costs, competition from other forms of entertainment (incl… Read more

Our mental health is one of the most over looked health issues that we face. How we feel mentally affects every aspect of our lives. Read more

Who wouldn’t love having their groceries delivered directly to their car while waiting in a temperature-controlled climate? Read more

The Belen Art league is committed to the growth of the arts in our community. This includes participating in events that are community oriented. Read more

When Helen Aberson Mayer wrote “Dumbo” in 1939, the story of a baby elephant born on a circus train, bullied because of his big ears, separated from his mom and made to perform dangerous circus stunts, she surely was not aware of the dark themes her story included. Read more

Caring for loved ones is often the center-most focus of our attention while living. However, if we truly care about our loved ones, it is critical we plan for their care and well-being long after we have moved on from this life. Read more

The Valencia County Fire Department is dedicated in creating a safer community through professionalism, preparedness and effective emergency response. This is our mission statement. Read more

“Whenever illness is associated with the loss of soul, the arts emerge spontaneously as remedies. Pairing art and medicine stimulates the creation of a discipline through which imagination treats itself and recycles its vitality back to daily living.” Read more

Most people who work with animals know about worms. They know that tapeworms look like rice, and roundworms look like spaghetti. (Sorry for the food analogy, but food seems to be a universal language everybody can relate to.) Read more

The fire and EMS services of Valencia County, Los Lunas, Belen, Rio Communities, Peralta and Bosque Farms have a problem; you could be the solution we are looking for. Read more

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