I have been asked many times as a judge to require a person to go to treatment. Many families want their sons, daughters, husbands or wives to attend court-mandated treatment. Read more

A while back I came across an advertisement for a class that claimed to help you learn to paint what is inside of you. Read more

In the fall of 2001, our beloved family cat, Normandy, passed away at age 20. Seeing that in writing makes me realize how much “life” happened in those 20 years. Read more

I guess this is my chance for a formal introduction. My name is Cameron Goeldner and I’m the new sports reporter at the Valencia County-News Bulletin. I’ve only been on the job a week now, so you may not have seen me around yet, but that will soon change. Read more

Fall is close; so close you can almost smell it! The amazing aroma of green chile roasting is the first indicator to any New Mexican the season is about to change. Read more

Q: I received a summons for mediation, what does that mean? Read more

It was three decades ago in 1989 when my classmates and I at Belen High School walked up onto the stage and received our diplomas. Some days, it doesn’t seem like that long ago, and others it seems like forever ago. Read more

Being a part of the Belen Art District reminds me of a group exercise I once did. Everyone was in a line massaging the next person’s back. After a few minutes, the person at the rear would go to the front of the line. Each participant paid it forward and received it back at the same time. Read more

In a letter to his daughter in 1784, Benjamin Franklin complained his fellow members in the Society of the Cincinnati, a military fraternity made up of officers from the revolutionary war, frustrated him. Read more

Question: Half of my ash tree looks ok, but the other half looks completely dead. What could be the problem? Is it going to get worse or better? — Mike N., Placitas Read more

Like many writers, I’ve grown up writing in journals ever since I learned how to write. Also like many writers, I have about 10 (if not more) incomplete notebooks, diaries and journals at home, with at least five new and untouched notebooks in my ever-growing collection.  Read more

On July 2, 2019, Valencia County District and Magistrate courts will join the Sandoval County and Cibola County courts in the first combined 13th Judicial Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Read more

The Belen Art League just finished up their two week kids’ art program. Classes included trivet-making, using polished stones, watercolor basics, abstract impressionism, recycled art, jewelry making and cardboard sculpturing. Read more

He’s a touch taller than me these days, a fact I steadfastly refuse to acknowledge in the hopes he won’t notice. Read more

Early in their courtship, the sea horse couple meet just after dawn for the “predawn dance,” where they swim, entwine tails and spin around a blade of sea grass. Read more

If you missed last week’s Community Legal Resource Fair hosted by Belen Magistrate Court, I have good news — those resources are still available to you today. Read more

For the past six years, the Valencia County Magistrate Courts in Belen and Los Lunas have welcomed the public to a special community event each May. Read more

There’s been a recent increase in Facebook pages dedicated to the arts in Belen — Through the Flower, Arte de Belen and the Belen Arts District, to name a few. Read more

Question: What are these pea-sized globs of white foam all over the stems of my rosemary plant? Should I be concerned? — Leslie H., Belen, NM Read more

When I was growing up, my parents fostered several children, including two babies, a brother and sister, a young, ill boy, and a troubled adolescent. Read more

Remember the days of summer in our youth, full of outdoor adventures and discovery — running through fields and climbing hills, riding bikes, catching a pick-up game of ball or playing tag in the park, then returning home exhausted, hungry and full of stories about the day. Read more

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