It is a timely truism that none of us can go through alone; we all need friends, family and partners to make the most out of the opportunities life puts before us. Read more

It’s February. If you are an avid vegetable gardener, you’ve already bought your seeds and have hundreds of seedlings growing indoors for your cool season spring and warm season vegetables. Read more

For the first time in more than four decades, House Bill 55 is poised to make New Mexico’s public infrastructure funding process transparent. House Bill 55 is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Reps. Matthew McQueen (D-Galisteo), Kelly Fajardo (R-Los Lunas) and Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque), … Read more

I have fond memories of my ninth-grade civics class at Belen Junior High school taught by the late Boleslo Lovato, former mayor of Belen, back in my school year of 1980-81. Read more

Today is my first monthly column on the activities of the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District and related natural-resource concerns. I joined the VSWCD staff as director in August 2020, and am glad to have this opportunity to reach out to the people the district serves. Read more

How many times have we pet parents felt our hearts sink after reading the description of a great house or apartment, only to see the words “No Pets” at the end? Read more

Throughout my time in education — as a teacher, a school leader and a superintendent — I’ve been driven by the personal values I learned growing up here in Valencia County. Read more

The New Year is officially here! The holidays of 2020 are finished and many of us have been ready for the fresh start 2021 has to offer. Read more

Lest we forget, and as we say good riddance to 2020, we should take time to remember the high points of this past year. Read more

In the early days of COVID-19, I’m sure we all remember the starkly-empty shelves that formerly held bleach, rubbing alcohol, soap, peroxide and disinfecting products of all kinds. Read more

In my back hallway, a lonely plant sits on the windowsill in its original plastic pot and foil wrapping. In spite of my neglect over the year, it continues to survive with lush green foliage. Read more

What do you think of when you hear the word “judge,” and how do you feel when you hear a person within your vicinity being referred to as “judge?” Read more

Many times I’ve had folks come into the Belen Art League and exclaim, “I never knew there were so many talented artists in Belen.” Read more

Making the most of life in these trying times can be difficult. We all want to go back to our normal lives pre-COVID-19, but for the safety and well-being of ourselves, our families, our friends and our community, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Read more

I am never out of ideas to write about in this column. The hardest part is choosing which one. Read more

Fall is officially here! Coming with the season are the cooler temperatures and cold moisture. We have recently received snow; and while there were great moisture components to our cold flurries, many of our plants may need extra attention for the cooler times ahead. Read more

It was more of a sensation than a sound that woke me up. A swelling of pressure, maybe mild pain. The feeling of what a bubble gum bubble popping might feel like. Not what it felt like to your mouth but what the bubble itself felt. Read more

Question: What should I do with all of these green tomatoes? — Yours Truly, Los Lunas, NM Read more

Be careful, there are so many scammers out there trying to suck you in! Read more

“The nation was facing a retirement saving crisis even before the COVID-19 financial crisis, , with women already at a significant disadvantage.,” Lawrence Castillo Read more

During my most recent volunteer visit with the cats that I help care for, the sweetest cats I met that day were two adult male black cats. Read more

Happy Autumn to you all. My name is Lynda Garvin, and I am the new interim county extension director and agriculture agent for Valencia County. Read more

Like many New Mexicans this past month I have enjoyed the enticing aroma of roasted green chile and have savored a freshly cooked chile on a warm tortilla. If this was called the “Cooking Report,” what would follow would be some family recipes, but instead I am going to discuss something cal… Read more

Community spirit is powerful and can accomplish great deeds. The Belen Art League was started 64 years ago by community members who wanted an avenue for the arts to grow in Belen. Read more

Get your act together: Before making your post-pandemic plan, you should first get your financial house in order. If you haven’t yet returned to work or find yourself without a job, now is the best time to do this critical task. Read more

In 2005, I began graduate studies in counseling therapy, and simultaneously started working at an animal shelter. Bouncing back and forth between shelter and school was challenging. Not because of time or work load, but because of the battle that began in my head. Read more

Fall is a great time to plant turf grass in Valencia County. With New Mexico’s climate, placing high importance on selection, preparation and maintenance of grasses is crucial for enjoying a green, luscious lawn in the summer months. There are several factors to consider when planning to pla… Read more

1. Get serious about your retirement: If your employer matches contributions for your 401(k), you need to take advantage and max out your contribution. Your employer’s share is “house money,” which means using their contribution as part of your 401(k) plan as an employee benefit. Read more

The judge’s role when conducting a trial without a jury is to serve as the finder of fact. This requires objectivity while hearing testimony, reviewing evidence and applying the law. Read more

There is a group drawing exercise I’ve always found fun. One person draws a quick scribble on a piece of paper and then passes it to the next person, who adds to the scribble before passing it on. Read more


In April 2016, Jan van Hoof made a visit to his old friend of 40 years as she lay dying of old age. Their encounter and last hug between them was filmed and went viral in October 2017. Read more

A few weeks ago, when the thermometer was well over 100 degrees, I found myself, hoe in hand, trying to rid my pasture of Tribulus Terrestris of the family Zygophyllaceae, commonly known as goatheads or puncture vine. Read more

In New Mexico, July marks the beginning of a series of special events we call fairs! Read more

Like every other state in the nation, New Mexico relies on the census to determine our political representation in national and state offices and to receive federal funding to support social, educational, health, and economic programs. Read more

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has changed how the courts operate, and has created new challenges for everyone involved in the judicial system. Read more

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