To the young, old people are mostly weird and funny looking.

“I can hardly wait till I’m old enough to look like that,” said no little girl ever.

But like it or not, one day every little girl becomes one of those funny old ladies. She looks in the mirror and sees her mother and that is not funny.

Dea Smith

Dea Smith

You can fake it for a few years, pretending you aren’t really any older on the outside than the young girl trapped inside the body losing the battle to gravity, but when you become allergic to everything from toothpaste to cold air, you stop thinking the right makeup, the right hairstyle or the right size dress will fool anyone.

Yesterday at the animal clinic for my cat’s yearly checkup, the counter girl said, I see you qualify for a senior discount. She didn’t even ask to check my ID!

Fortunately, about the same time you switch to sensible shoes, wearing a warm hat every waking (and sleeping) minute and stop telling lies about having to take naps, you realize nobody is paying any attention anyway.

To the rest of the world, you’re practically invisible so you can go ahead and be any kind of funny old lady you want to be.

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