It’s not easy to say bye


Good-byes are never easy, but a heartfelt and sincere farewell goodbye.

Many times in life, we have to for the situation of saying goodbye to those we know; this is one of those times. I am retiring early at our MVD here in Belen.

I have made many friendships and many acquaintances over the years as a state employee, and I will miss you all.

MVD has taken care of me all these years, and my family and friends who have been there for me. And, now it is time I take care of them.

I wish to extend a personal thank you to Vic, Cheri, Eileen, the Sanchez and Olguin families, Duane and Joe, and Jerry and Aurora, for being fair and responsible bosses, who always looked out for their teams.

Madonna Santamaria-Turner

Los Lunas

Animals need care


Why do things happen over and over again? People are not looking after the animals they claim they look after.

Why is this going on all over this state and elsewhere? What can I do to make humans treat animals not like ornaments, instead of animals who need to be treated as feeling animals who just like we do need love and attention?

My late husband and I had many rescues, and I still have my remaining husky so far. I would do any thing for them and more. They are my children, and we all should treat them like that. Animals can be a very good things to have.

Many animals have saved people, giving their lives for them. Do not have an animal unless you can look after them. Give them shelter feed them and have them treated so they do not produce. We surely do not need more puppies; we have enough as it is..

Many times we realize people who are not look after their animals and have a problem with their children, too. Could we not make Valencia County change into some a place where we look up to instead of wondering who lives here? There are many people here who care, but some do not and we need to do something about those ill-motivated, non-caring people who are draining our funds that are being used to catch them.

What can we do to make us being proud of living here because we care? To start off, only vote for officials who look after our animals.

It is not what you say, it is what you do.

Magda Rundles

Los Chavez

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