Letters to the Editor

Donations to food pantry help our community


Recently, the Belen Area Food Pantry received a lot of help and we would like to thank each one of the organizations.

Middle Rio Grande Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (state President David Wilson and chapter President Dan Bastion) donated about 70 turkeys to be passed out to residents of Belen.

The United Stated Post Office held a food drive of nonperishable foods and donated the collected food to the Belen Area Food Pantry.

The Christian Faith Chapel on South Main Street in Belen also held their annual food drive and donated all the food collected to the food pantry.

The generosity of the above listed people and organizations was a tremendous help in feeding Belen area residence. Donations are typically down at the end of the year and for a few months during the start of the new year, and the help we received made it possible to continue to serve our community.

The board members and volunteers of the Belen Area Food Pantry would like express their gratitude to all that donate as this is a non-profit organization and can only continue to feed our residence through donations.

Joe Portio

Belen Area Food Pantry

Support low-cost spay-neuter programs


Please join your fellow animal lovers in supporting a statewide low-cost spay-neuter program.

Contact your legislators at nmlegis.gov. Call the governor. If not now, when? Let’s end the cruel and inhumane practice of killing thousands of dogs and cats each year.

Please call or email. Your voice counts.

Catherine MacLaren

Santa Fe

Neither party wants to hear the truth


I have never heard so much unadulterated drivel as I have endured since the so called impeachment fiasco started.

What I have learned is neither political party wants to hear the truth or talk about it. Both parties are lying through their teeth. The problem is all regular programming is shunted aside for our so called representatives can get in front of a mic and expound on their vocabularies.

Many of them using improper English; example: “irregardless.” There is no such word. The speakers get in front of a microphone and cannot stop blabbing, much of it untruthful.

It is amazing to me how so many different people of the same party can all spout the same hogwash and expect us to believe it. Perhaps a new outlook and a policy of never voting for an incumbent would give us a different view of our esteemed, elected officials. What I find hard to believe is how many people can support a proven liar and excuse his lies.

If he was put in the same position as Pinnochio, he would need a support to hold up his nose. The members of the Senate are so politically biased there is no way they will allow a fair trial.

There is still hope that the next election will square away some of less honest members of both the House and Senate. Oh, just to have a few statesmen elected who put the citizens first.

James Taylor

Los Lunas

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