Thank you, senators


I would like to thank the seven Democrat senators who had the guts to vote against HB 51. They are Campos, Cisneros, Martinez, Munoz, Ramos, Sanchez and Smith.

Along with all GOP Senate members, you are the conscience of New Mexico.

Ron Romero


In need of young historians


A recent article in the News-Bulletin regarding the annual meeting of the Valencia County Historical Society featured three local historians. It was all well and good given some of the enjoyable books that have been authored by these individuals.

I can name probably a dozen or so individuals who are local historians in their own right but who are seldom recognized (Torres Moya, Flores, Baca, Chavez, Niner, etc.).

People need to be mindful that much of the history that is being published is history that is treasured personal information owned and loved by the individuals providing the history.

Young people must remember that it is the conversations (the oral history) that they are having with their parents and grandparents that establishes the legacy that they need to document and preserve for future generations.

This is not a criticism on any individual or society; it is just a strong reminder that our history must remain treasured, and hopefully young writers and authors will be coming up the ranks of literary history in Valencia County.

Perhaps a free writer’s workshop for young people is something needed.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez


(Editor’s Note: A free creative writing workshop is held from noon to 1 p.m. every Wednesday at The University of New Mexico-Valencia campus’s Writing Center. There are a variety of fun, creative writing prompts and exercise. Anyone and everyone is welcome; no experience necessary.)

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