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Pelosi should be ashamed of herself, and letter


I, an Independent, recently received a letter from the Democratic Party, Attn: Building Fund and signed by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi. I was somewhat surprised. My surprise, however, quickly changed to disgust after I opened it and read it.

The language in the letter clearly portrayed a personality lacking shame or remorse. It is, I believe, the epitome of deception and a desire to express or seek power, a person who, likely, as a child learned to demand and through hook and crook obtain whatever she wanted regardless of what unsightly acts she had to perform.

Now, in addition to the narcissistic language, the author also included a color photo of herself and others present at a high-level meeting called by the president at the White House. In the photo, Mrs. Pelosi is shown standing and pointing a finger at the president. The words she used to explain the photo were, “somebody had to stand up to the bully,” referring to the president of the United States.

After the disrespectful and childish charade, she and her entourage walked out. I saw the incident on television when it happened. Admittedly, she got the political mileage she was desiring when she did it. She had to show the extreme left that she was the boss and totally in command.

Some media organizations cheered her action and covered it as often as they found space in their daily reporting activities for days on end.

It is unbelievable that Mrs. Pelosi chose to bring up the incident again given the coronavirus crisis the country is facing. But, then again, power hungry politicians will do unspeakable things with little regard for the fall out as long as they can advance their agenda and retain or increase their power.

“Mommy’” was following Rahm Emanuel’s belief that politicians should take full advantage of a crisis to mold the country according to their beliefs. Other members of Mrs. Pelosi’s cadre have since echoed the same sentiment.

I was very disturbed with what I saw Mrs. Pelosi do several months ago and livid when I read her letter, and saw her photo today. I am not only angry but, ashamed that Mrs. Pelosi would revive an old wound by reminding the entire country of her shenanigan and spending thousands to mail a disrespectful letter with a color photo of herself for the sole purpose of enhancing the Democrat agenda that would, in her eyes, allow them to regain the White House and the Senate, and retain control of the House and keep her in power.

The thousands spent, I might add, could’ve been better spent at a pantry that feeds the poor.

I promptly wrote my response on her letter, tore her photo into 100 pieces and mailed them back to the Democratic Building Fund.

Mrs. Pelosi let her ego and her narcissistic mentality overpower her and do what a normal thinking person would not have done. Sadly, the need for self-gratification directed her to disrespect the office of the president of the United States of America now. She was not going to let a crisis go to waste.

In closing, please know that I shared this information to show readers what not to do especially given the environment in which we find ourselves. We do not need any more polarization of the people. Let us come together as our president has suggested to beat the problem we face.

Together we can be victorious and get back to living normal lives.

John Lopez

Bosque Farms


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