Letters to the Editor

Concerned about photos


I was very disappointed in photographs published in the VCNB on Jan. 14, 2021, depicting the Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce awards.

Absolutely no one in any of these photos was wearing a mask in violation of the governor’s heath orders.

The VCNB should not have published these photos; by doing so you are promoting unsafe health practices.

I am most concerned about the photo of the Belen Public Health Office workers violating the health orders and should definitely know better.

Greg Schwirtz

Rio Communities

Relationship with feds


Americans have a tendency to change their relationship with their federal government every seventy-five years or so.

Our Constitution was ratified in 1789. It dramatically changed the relationship between the people and the federal government. This new government was given power over matters such as international treaties and interstate commerce. The federal government was called on to handle issues it was hard for the states to effectively address on their own.

Seventy-five years after 1789 comes 1864, and in a few years, the “Reconstruction Era” amendments will be enacted. These amendments dramatically changed the relationship between the people and the federal government. The federal government will have the power to actively protect individual rights.

Seventy-five years after 1864 comes 1939. The federal government has changed as New Deal programs are enacted to address the Great Depression. At one point many New Deal programs had been struck down as unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court has changed course and allowed the federal government to take on a new role: now the federal government is taking a role in providing for the people.

Seventy-five years after 1939 comes 2014. What change have we seen, or are we seeing, in the relationship between the people and the federal government? What do we expect Washington to do for us now? And whatever change we take, what will be our path — mammoth national struggle, Washington maneuvering, or something else?

Perhaps, as we try to figure out where we’re going, it’s worth considering where we’ve been.

Jonathan Gardner

Los Lunas

Fight the bitterness


In response to Marcella Maldonado’s letter of Jan. 7 ...

There is a deeper pain in our heart when the one who causes that pain is supposed to represent Christ to us.

I know this one. My own church died around me when the pastor committed adultery and the church went into bankruptcy.

God’s healing came when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Man’s rejection is God’s invitation.”

With all the strength you have, I urge you to fight bitterness; it will take you out.

Diane Maurer


Repurpose mill levy


In re: “County moving forward with hospital study” in the Jan. 21 (edition of the Valencia County News-Bulletin).

Instead of paying for yet another study concerning a new local hospital, Valencia County commissioners need to face reality. With numerous full-service hospitals minutes away from the population centers of Valencia County, no responsible vendor is willing to build and operate a hospital here.

The multiple studies conducted to date have enriched consultants and lawyers but not moved the hospital forward.

Better would be to admit the truth and return the money collected in the past from the county through lower taxes in the future. Better still would be to hold a referendum to get permission from the voting public to repurpose the collected money towards the second I-25 interchange so we don’t have to wait as long for that project to be completed as we have already waited for nothing to happen towards a new hospital.

Dave Clark

Los Lunas

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