Believing in heroes


I really enjoyed the wonderful story about the veterans flag mural project that appeared in the April 25 paper. The entire flag mural project was very well done by some talented individuals.

This meaningful mural honors our military veterans not only in Belen and Valencia County but the entire nation.

In conjunction with honoring our military veterans, on June 1, the eighth annual Believe in Heroes Veterans Memorial Run will be held in Los Lunas. This fundraising event helps support all the veteran organizations within Valencia County such as VFW (Los Lunas and Belen), American Legion (Belen), Blue Star Mothers, Purple Heart, Wounded Warrior Project, etc. just to name a few.

This event helps veterans and organizations that have done so much for our country which is why we want to give something back to them.

Valencia County has nearly 6,900 veterans and with the Belen Veterans Memorial Information Center and the Believe in Heroes Veterans Memorial Run shows true support that recognizes and thanks to our veterans.

More information about the June 1 Believe in Heroes Memorial Run in Los Lunas is available at

Thanks again to the News-Bulletin for keeping the public informed of veteran related promotional projects and events.

Jim Schnitzler


LIVE, INC (Los Lunas Invests in Veterans Events)

Defending Facebook


Rep. Kelly Fajardo states that newspapers across the country, including The New York Times, ran headlines declaring “New Mexico Panel Blindsides Facebook with $39M Utility Bill.”

This was an AP wire story derived from the Albuquerque Journal that was picked up by a few internet news outlets, none of which were The New York Times as Fajardo states or The Wall Street Journal.

I applaud the PRC, with the testimony given to them, for protecting the ratepayer over one of the richest corporations in the world. Facebook should be looking at their own negotiating teams for this lack of planning, not the PRC.

The money at stake here isn’t even pocket change to this mega-corporation and they are already issuing quasi-threats about the future of Facebook in New Mexico. More of the same corporate blackmail we see all too much of today, what city or state can they get to pay them the most to locate in their area.

Rep. Fajardo seems to be a lot more eager to defend the mega-corporation over her own rate-paying constituents.

William Lumsden

Rio Communities

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