Respond to constituents


Regarding elected officials who fail in their duty to respond to their constituents, this letter is appropriate especially to certain members of the Valencia County Board of Commissioners.

The (village) of Los Lunas, population 15,501, recently sent out a survey asking folks to respond to items basically about the future of their community. About, according to the News-Bulletin, 964 residents responded. I’m not a statistician, but judging from the results that is about less than a 1 percent rate.

The Historic Tomé Overlay Plan committee sent out 650 surveys to its impacted area and received about 300 responses. Again, statistically, that is around 45-46 percent return rate.

My point is that if Los Lunas had to go before this commission, they’d have to meet a 75 percent return rate of response. That is what they inflicted on the overlay plan residents. And this was simply to apply to be considered. It was not to approve or disapprove the plan.

Again, elected officials must respond to their constituents in a fair and just way instead of making decisions based on how they feel about the messenger. Not right, not fair.

(To the general public, a life-size, tin conquistador/knight figure was stolen from the Thome Dominguez Center. We would appreciate its return; no questions asked.)

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez


Support is appreciated


The Companions of Jesus of New Mexico would love to recognize our loyal sponsors who supported the passion play, Death of the Messiah, for the 2019 Lenten season.

This volunteer group has received support not only in a monetary form but also with in-kind services. We appreciate the support from both Los Lunas and Belen Schools, the Valencia County News-Bulletin and the Wright Print Shop for over-the-top support in order to allow this ancient tradition to continue.

A quote from a person in the audience who was from Albuquerque, “It was so wonderful to see such extraordinary community support for this presentation.”

This exemplifies the spirit of Valencia County. Special thanks to our financial supporters.

Gold sponsors: Lone Mountain Contracting, Inc., Sisneros’ Manufacturing, RAKS Building and Supply, Frank’s Septic Services, KDC Mechanical, Inc., Niner’s Landleveling, Inc., Romero’s Funeral Services, Nino Trujillo and Company and Hodge’s Oil Company, Inc.

Silver sponsors: Laser Dentistry, by Cecil Sandoval, DDS, Medi-Share Insurance and an anonymous donor.

Bronze sponsors: Old Mill Farm and Ranch Supply, Robert, Marilyn and Kaneshiro family, Pete’s Cafe and Westek Electric.

Other sponsors: Chavez Meat Processing, La dos Gringas Restaurant, Performance Sheet Metal and John Shipe.

Thanks again to all who have allowed the Companions of Jesus of New Mexico to become part of your Lenten traditions; we will be back next year thanks to all of the support.

Therese Hidalgo

Director of Companions of Jesus of New Mexico

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