Good for Peralta


Congratulations to the town of Peralta for initiating an overlay plan to control and protect their interests. This is exactly the purpose of an overlay plan.

More communities in Valencia County should consider this option, especially because what is at stake is the preservation of history and the real essence of a community. The goal of the Historic Tomé Overlay Plan is to preserve one of the oldest communities in Valencia County. Those who continue to complain about the process, were, to my understanding, invited very early on to participate. For whatever reason, they could not or would not.

A lot of time and energy and effort is devoted to processes that attempt to think forward and anticipate future unintended consequences. It is noble grassroots work that should continue.

Good luck Peralta.

Jose R. Baca


Thank you, Los Lunas


On behalf of the village of Los Lunas Community Services Department, we’d like to thank the thousands of people from our community who came out to our Fourth of July parade and celebration at Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park.

It was a wonderful community celebration with plenty of food, fun, and fireworks. An event of this magnitude would not be possible without the help of many different village departments and coordination with many other agencies.

A big thanks to the village of Los Lunas Recreation, Open Space, Parks, Facility Maintenance, Streets, Code Enforcement and Solid Waste divisions; Los Lunas Fire Department, Los Lunas Police Department, Los Lunas Schools Transportation, Valencia County Fire Department, Valencia County Animal Shelter, Valencia County Sheriff, New Mexico State Police and Precision Security.

Thanks to all who put in the hard work so that our community could enjoy a fun and safe holiday celebration! We hope to see many of you out at our next big event, the Summer Send-Off Block Party on Aug. 3 at the Los Lunas Transportation Center.

Marcos Castillo

Recreation supervisor, village of Los Lunas

Plan is the right step


This letter is to express mine and my family’s sincere and continued support of the Historic Tomé Overlay Plan.

This plan is a step in the right direction to protect our community, holding our rural values and way of living against encroaching development. My family and I, who hold deep roots in this valley, support the Historic Tomé Overlay Plan, and we hold confidence that our county leaders will vote in favor of this plan in-support of the Tomé people and our efforts to retain and sustain the integrity of our rural community.

Leeanna T. Torres

Los Lunas

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