WEB EXCLUSIVE – Football Game of the Week: Scorps sting Tigers in final minute

LOS LUNAS – The Farmington Scorpions are becoming Freddy Krueger to the Los Lunas – a recurring nightmare. The Scorpions stunned the host Tigers by converting a two-point conversion after…[Read more]

County adjusts budget to reflect updated revenues

Several county employees who were looking forward to receiving a pay raise this new fiscal year will have to do without one after it was announced that this year's property tax revenues are estimated to be lower than initially estimated.

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Fourth of July events

City of Belen The city of Belen will be hosting its All American Celebration on Friday, July 3, at Eagle Park. The event begins at 5 p.m. 5:30 p.m.: Nation…[Read more]

Bosque Farms rally around police officer

The people of "The Farm" are rallying around one of their police officers they say is being targeted by the state's law enforcement academy board for excessive and unfair discipline — the revocation of her law enforcement certification.

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Living Cross Ambulance’s attorney asking court to reconsider decision

It's been nearly three years since the legal battle between a local ambulance company and a handful of government agencies has reared its head, but now it has returned in the form of a motion to reconsider from the company's attorney.

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