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Los Lunas senior softball players Mya Fliss and Meloyde Tenorio smile during a parade honoring them in Los Lunas. 

The cancellation of the spring sports season has caused athletes across the county, the state and the country to miss out on moments they had been waiting for for four years.

Things like senior day, final home games, and a season’s worth of bus rides and other memories are now not possible.

In order to replace some of those memories, the Los Lunas High School softball team held a parade last week to honor its two seniors, Mya Fliss and Meloyde Tenorio.

The parade route began at a staging ground of sorts at the Los Lunas Walmart and moved across the street to the Starlight Cinema parking lot where Fliss and Tenorio were waiting.

Teammates, friends and Los Lunas teachers and staff all joined in, covering their cars with signs and well wishes to honor the two who had their final season cut short after just six games.

The Tigers were off to a 2-4 start before the season was halted.

Tuesday, April 28, should have been senior night for the Tigers, as they were scheduled to host the Grants Pirates.

Instead, their final game was a 7-3 loss to Miyamura on March 10.

Neither player knew what was planned in place of their final game, they were just told to be at the movie theater at 6:15 by their parents, who were gathering and organizing the parade attendees in the Walmart parking lot across the way.

“We were both really excited, we started catching on when we realized we were supposed to have been at our last home game,” Tenorio said. “It meant a lot to both of us, it made me cry that they went to all that effort, even getting the fire department and the police to come out and do their sirens.”

“We had such a wonderful team,” Tenorio said. They all mean so much to me.”

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Cameron Goeldner grew up in Boulder, Colo., and attended the University of New Mexico. He covers everything sports for all Valencia County schools.

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